Nathan Krettler




I am a creative strategist interested in crisis communications and brand strategy. It is my passion to developing creative solutions to complex problems.

As a member of Sigma Pi fraternity, consisting of more than 80 members, I hold the position of risk manager. I ensure that the fraternity protects itself when members put the organization at risk and act as a liaison for members  when issues arise. I use research and logic to create plans that prepare the fraternity for potential crises such as lawsuits or injuries. In addition, I have led risk management endorsements to decrease the likelihood of problems occurring.

I  volunteered with A Family for Every Child, a nonprofit organization dedicated to finding permanent homes for foster children all over the United States. I produced newsletters, created advertisements and analyzed data to help match children with potential families. Using strategic research and data analysis, I presented the children to the families best suited to meet the children’s needs. By using online databases, I processed data to create targeted marketing emails to reach families who wanted to adopt or foster children.

Over the last year in my advertising courses, I have worked in simulated advertising agency teams as a strategist and media planner. In my agency account management and media planning courses, I oversaw research, determined target audience strategy and created media plans to create ad campaigns. Additionally, I analyzed qualitative and quantitative data to produce research and creative briefs for clients, such as Ninkasi and Patagonia.

In June 2016 I  will earn a bachelor’s degree in journalism with a focus in advertising and public relations.